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Capstone Project

I am creating a capstone project surrounding where generational trauma comes from, and how it is passed down. There are many people in the world with felt experiences that they didn't experience. Those experiences, and the feelings along with them were passed down from generation to generation. But how? That is what I am going to research this year!

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Product #1: Research Paper 


Epigenetics: A New Way of Understanding Mental Health and Trauma!

Product #2: Audio Story
“What is Generational Trauma? The Voices of Others."

Product #3: Infographic

"Generational Trauma; Your Experiences."

Intergenerational trauma, or generational trauma, is a phenomenon where the descendants of a person who has experienced a traumatic event show negative emotional and behavioral reactions to the event, similar to the ones of the person who experienced the event. The reactions range from shame, to depression, and suicidality depending on the person, the event, and how the trauma was dealt with when it occurred.

This audio story follows a set of three interviews as they tell me their stories and histories with trauma and generational trauma. The interviewees are my mother, Izzi Greenberg commenting on my grandfather who is my second interviewee, and two friends Sowgol and Paul Zakarian. This story follows the interviewees as they tell us about their lives and how they interpret their trauma. This product focuses more on the personal and individual level of generational trauma rather than the overarching topic.

This is an infographic that displays and explains the results of a survey that I sent out to my school community explaining people’s experiences with generational trauma, and the answer to whether or not I think Generational trauma exists. I asked the community what trauma they or their family had, and also what they think the effects of that trauma were on their family and themselves. This is a visual show of what I explained and what you heard in my audio story. This includes more and other examples. 

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